Tyler Duckworth

Robotics Renders pt. 1: ORB

 A couple of weeks ago I ran a bunch of renders on the STEMpunks computer of our new OutreachBot (ORB for short). These had a variety of themes, some of which you will see. The render above this is themed similar to the Black Superman Suit from DC comics.

About ORB

ORB is a bot we created this past year to take with us on outreaches to the community. It has a 4-Wheel Mecanum drive system, which allows it to move side to side as well as forwards and backwards. It was programmed in Python 3 using the RobotPy library. For more details on the programming aspects of this, see various other posts.

Next is one follows the color scheme of the Calus’ Selected shader from the video game Destiny 2. It consists of mainly white, gold, and purple.

Calus Selected

This one reflects the sort of steampunk theme our Robotics team has, with dark green and gold working together. If you want to see some cool stempunk action, come by our pit when we go to competition. We are in full costume, and so is the robot.


This render fits the color scheme of our team logo, a dark green and white, sometimes in separate positions of power. Since white gussets don’t work well, I have this color scheme:


Finally, I have the L&N STEM Academy themed bot, complete with green and yellow colors. This was used at the Fall Showcase this past week in the area of Digital Arts and Design. This was rendered in 4K with a bunch of other robots, which I will showcase later on.


Using These Photos

Feel free to download these photos and use them how you see fit. Upon further request, I can provide the PSD files for the STEM Academy-themed bot.

All of these photos were rendered in SolidWorks Visualize and some were edited with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Hello! I was born in Knoxville, TN and currently attend the L&N STEM Academy. I have interests in things varying from digital design to programming. I work with the L&N STEMpunks Robotics team to model and program robots.