Tyler Duckworth

How I Organize

Before 2018 ended, I was thinking over how I could reorganize myself. I did not really have a system of keeping track of my assignments and upcoming events, mostly relying on my memory to do the trick. Lately, my memory had become overloaded with all the things going on: Robotics, CodeTN, NHS, the Internship opportunity, School, and my Personal Interests.

That is when I came across the Bullet Journal. I was watching YouTube when I saw this video, and it got me interested.

What Is Bullet Journal?

Bullet Journal is a robust system of keeping notes that is very easy to use and enables for continual track of tasks throughout any given time period. (year, month, day, etc.)

Rapid Logging (Credit: BulletJournal.com)

The main thing that makes Bullet Journal work is its idea of Rapid Logging, a system where you use certain symbols to connote certain items and give a brief summary of them. In Rapid Logging, you go back over your tasks after a while and determine what is worth continuing. This aided by the tiered system of the Journal, beginning with a year overview and then breaking down into months. You go even further by keeping a Daily Log.

How I Use Bullet Journal

I began a Bullet Journal this past January, and have used it for all kinds of things, such as school and Robotics. It has worked out spectacularly. I have learned many things from using, not including that I need to practice better penmanship. It has helped me stress less about projects since I can plan their due date and work accordingly.

One-Page View

This is a photo of my monthly log for March. You may notice that the other page is also filled out, and it contains my goals for this month, with some general objectives that I aim to accomplish.

Two-Page View

This photo is an example of both a monthly log and a daily log that I have done. The various symbols I use signify different things. The triangle is a school assignment and the unfilled bullet is an event.

I may post more about my organization techniques, but I wish to close by saying that Bullet Journal has helped me tremendously in my daily life, and I highly recommend that you try it, too.

Bullet Journal has an app that you can download on iOS or Android or a book you can read.

Hello! I was born in Knoxville, TN and currently attend the L&N STEM Academy. I have interests in things varying from digital design to programming. I work with the L&N STEMpunks Robotics team to model and program robots.